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Cultural Orientations Indicator®

The Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) is a web-based self-reporting tool for the development of culturally competent managers and leaders. Through the reliable assessment of an individual’s cultural preferences and comparative analysis, individuals acquire the awareness and knowledge necessary for building effective skills and behavioral adaptations for multicultural management and business.

Individuals access the COI via the Internet. Once registered, users engage in three steps:

  • Complete biographical data
  • Respond to 87 questions
  • Review an instantly available profile

The resulting individual cultural profile enables a comparison with other individuals, group/team aggregates and national norms. Similarities and differences are indicated and potential culture-based risk and success factors are identified. On the basis of these results, effective cross-cultural management and business strategies can be developed.

Applications for the COI include; Global Management and Leadership Development, Multicultural Teambuilding and Team Development, Global Diversity Initiatives, Cultural Integration Initiatives (Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures), International Assignee Preparation, and more.

Cultural Orientations Indicator Features:

Available new features include the User-To-User COI Comparison; with this tool one can invite other users to compare COI Profiles. One can also compare potential cultural gaps with up to ten users at one time through the User-To-User Gap Analysis Tool.

COI Teams allows users to create teams, run COI Aggregate Team Reports and compare personal COI preferences with those team members who have released their COI Profiles.

  • The COI indicates an individual’s area of potential cultural difference for which behavioral changes might be considered
  • Recommendations for behavioral changes are included with each individual profile
  • Generates targeted comparisons and analysis of cultural gaps by comparing COI profiles with national and regional cultural profiles
  • Intensifies understanding of the Cultural Orientations Model and the COI through a detailed tutorial.
  • The COI assessment and individual cultural profile reports are available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish (Espanol) and Spanish (Americana Latino)